Thursday, January 1, 2009


Without the help and support of many people The Bolivia Project and its efforts to eliminate indoor air pollution through solar cooking would not be possible. First off many thanks to the founders of The Bolivia Project: Michael Vehar and Collin Whelley. The inspiration, ideas, and continued support put forth by these two University of Dayton Graduates helped get this effort out to a tremendous start in 2006.

Recent efforts by Suzette Phillips and her fundraising and awareness efforts via Aprons of Thanks at St. Barnabas Parish in Indianapolis, IN have helped launch The Bolivia Project into a multiyear success. We applaud her knack for inspiring people young and old to think about sustainable green living.

We would like to thank the people at CEDESOL and Sobre La Roca especially Dave and Ruth Whitfield, for heading the two organizations that have been pushing clean cooking technology in Bolivia for 10 years now. Their tireless work and determination to make alternative energy a way of life in Bolivia must be commended above all others. Anyone who has met them can testify to their passion, optimism, and love for delivering clean cookers to those that need it most.

We also want to thank the following ETHOS and Bolivia Project Volunteers:

David Beckwith
Lisa Beckwith
Miguel Arzate
Clayton Rohman
Zach Steffens
Sylvanus Agemans
Brother Phil Aaron

Finally we would like to thank everyone that has supported The Bolivia Project over the past 3 years with your support, prayers, and donations. Special thanks to the family and friends of all the volunteers that have played such an important part in making this possible and institutions such as the University of Dayton ETHOS program and St. Barnabas. We look forward to a great year ahead!!!

Chris Phillips

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